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Our Team

Michael Gaskin

GCFS Executive Director

Angela Pruitt

ACFS Executive Director 

Santasha Highley

Program Coordinator

Jessica Sinkovics

Parent Educator

Our Team

Natoya Cartledge

Parent Educator

Dolores Rucker

Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Boulware


Greenwood County Board of Directors

Lillian Thomas (Board-Chair)  
Reginald White (Vice-Chair) 
Vallery C. Smith (Secretary)
Cynthia Aaron (Assistant Secretary)  
Doris Louden
Robin Smith
April Ouzts
Johnny Ledford
Kayla Starnes
Lillian Lee
Jaleesa Wideman
Andrea Witt
Benita Goode
Linda Baylor

Abbeville County Board of Directors

Jane Agan
Joe Bryson
Charles Costner
Henry Green
Mary Elizabeth Land
Millie Ricketts
Mary Stackhouse
Ursula Best
Lee Logan
Adrienne Padner
Connie Normand
Mary Jane Trainor
Mary Lou Edens
Janet Vandiver
Amy Glover
Rita Gamble
Cathy Ricketts
Brenda Anderson
Lou Paradis
Cynthia Kennedy
Melissa Depung
Corrine Gambrel

1402 C Hwy 72 West

Greenwood, SC  29649


Fax: 864-388-4103


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