Abbeville County First Steps & Greenwood County First Steps are seeking new board members. For additional information, please call

864-366-0656 or 864-388-4102. Click county for nomination forms.



To provide high quality services and support Abbeville and Greenwood County families with children ages 0-5.




To strengthen parents and teachers with appropriate practices to develop social, emotional, physical and cogntive skills for Abbeville and Greenwood Counties' young children.


First Steps is a comprehensive, results-oriented statewide education initiative to help prepare children to reach first grade healthy and ready to succeed. According to South Carolina Kids Count, 17.4% of children in Abbeville County and 20.2% in Greenwood County are assessed as not ready for first grade. Abbeville and Greenwood County First Steps have formed an alliance across county lines for over six years to ensure comprehensive services are provided for the entire family to guarantee family success. We want to make certain all children in Abbeville and Greenwood Counties

arrive to first grade ready to learn.


1402C Hwy 72W * Greenwood, SC  29649 * 864-388-4102 * 864-366-0656